About Us

Viztar International Pvt. Ltd. is a group of companies, established in the year 2007.

The organization, which runs on a group of young minds, has seen phenomenal growth in the recent years. It functions in a remarkable manner under the guidance of a strong mentor. Evolution within the organization has been overwhelming and extremely beneficial to the overall performance of the business. Owing to the steady improvement of the employees within the organization at the Team Level, they not only envision a better tomorrow, but also know the path to achieve it.

Viztar International has 7 diverse verticals, with each owning a story of its own. Most of them eventually started out as departments, but soon began functioning as independent Business Units, each supervised by their respective business heads.

Viztar strongly believes that only the ones with direct experience in a particular segment should be eligible to conduct relevant courses in the same field. This belief has led to Viztar hiring Industry Experts, who have not only successfully worked in their respective professions but have also gathered immense knowledge while on the job. These experts are the ones imparting knowledge while conducting Transformational trainings.

This ISO certified organization promises to make you corporate ready, thereby, transforming you into a better human being. Viztar firmly stands by its trainees, post the course completion; making sure that you are supported through an exclusive technological formula, created especially for your benefit.

Viztar International offers a consultative approach to doing business, wherein, service and value are the company’s top priorities.


Our Vision is to make a world of transformed individuals built inside out to become responsible family members, efficient individuals at work place whether employed or in business, a responsible citizen and overall a better human being to make this world a better place of live.


Our Mission is transforming and empowering individuals from all walks of life by creating a platform to reach out to them.